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Walls & Steps

Providing our customers with a variety of walls and steps, we are always looking to improve your outdoor functionality. We are proud to have 25+ years of experience in diverse hardscape setups and making the most use out of your outdoor space. Walls and steps can provide an even more exciting recreational element for your home.

Comfortable & functional
Sitting Walls

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The mainstay for your garden
Garden Walls

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Support & aesthetics at the same time
Retaining & All Walls

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A natural look that is sure to impress
Boulder Walls

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Getting to where you need to go
Steps & Transitions

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At Holly Days Hardscaping, our team is sure to always meet or exceed all ICPI standards when installing patios, walkways, steps, walls, and more. We excavate soil 4-5″. depending on site soil consitions, add 4-8″ of 3/4″ crushed modified stone, compact the stone to 5,000 psi, add 1″ of sand, and install the pavers. Upon completion, we install polymetric paving lock sand to ensure tight fit and ultimate durability.

Sitting Walls

Improved functionality in your outdoor hardscape area

Sitting walls are a professional touch to any patio and they offer additional, functional sitting speace in your outdoor environment. Our sitting walls can be constructed in a segemented wall application using precast concrete blocks such as E.P. Henry, Belgard, or Techo-Bloc—or with a masonry application using cinder block, a scratch coat, and your choice of veneer stone with a bluestone treadstock cap.

Sitting walls have become a very popular addition to your traditional hardscape patio. The reason being, is you are drastically improving your sitting room. This is an easy and comfortable way to entertain a larger group of people, without additional furniture, taking up less space on your patio. Sitting walls also offer the opportunity to light up your space using hardscaping lighting features.

Our customers have found that this ergonomic use of space is both functional and efficient. Sitting walls are useful with outdoor dining areas, near fire pits, or for everyday use to use for further purpose with seasonal decorations and planted pots.

Garden Walls

A new dintinguished look surrounding a piece of your landscape

Garden walls are for aesthetic use as well as functional use. Garden walls can be used to build up planting beds for proper planting of specimen material, use for elevation changes in your landscape beds, or used to creat an accent within the garden. Garden walls can be created using natural stone product in a dry-stack fieldstone look, or a more formal, segmented wall.

Garden walls have become a very prominent feature in home landscapes. These are the walls that your might find out front of home’s garden bed. They draw a large amount of curb appeal and they can make your landscape much more attractive.

With garden walls, you have the availability to level your planting surface. There are many natural choices such as PA fieldstone, bluestone, flagstone, tumbled bluestone, and Belgian stone. There is also segmented wall products from Belgard, E.P. Henry, or Techo-Bloc. All of these varieties bring a different aesthetic to your landscape. We can work with you to assist in choosing a correct style that fits your landscape.

Retaining  & General Walls

A wall can help with retaining a garden, grade of ground, or a aesthetic feature

Retaining walls are one of the classic examples of a functional landscape application. Whether it be for drainage concerns, grading concerns, leveling a hardscape area, changing elevation, or any number of applications, retaining walls are functionally pleasing within the landscape. Retaining walls can be created using natural stone product in a dry-stack fieldstone look, or a more formal segmented wall.

Retaining walls have become a common feature within landscapes to hold grade, transition spaces, and create functionality. The height of your wall depends on the grade change. At Holly Days, we specialize in transit work to ensure your grading is surveyed to the proper heights. Our hardscape professionals have experience to make even the most difficult applications work with some amazing finished results.

Retaining walls create the opportunity to work in landscape lighting and offer a wide range of product materials such as segmented wall block, natural stone, and masonry veneer applications. Retaining walls require excavation, proper footing or base materials, and recieve a cap at completion for a finished look.

Boulder Walls

A natural wall that makes a big statement

Boulder walls offer a natural look to any landscape design, while offering function in the form of a retaining wall. All boulder walls begin with excavating a shelf in the grade and individual custom placing each rock. We offer a wide variety of boulder wall installations such as PA fieldstone boulders to Wissahickon schlist, and West Mountain boulders. 

Boulder walls are a natural design element that makes a bold statement. While bold, it is a subtle landscape design technique that flows naturally with the landscape and remains budget friendly, while being quick to construct. It is a unique feature that adds an uncommon element to make your landscape standout. Boulder walls create curb appeal for landscapes that have various slopes, elevation changes, or anyone looking to use natural stone applications.

Our design & build team frequents the installation of boulder to enhance your landscape and fir natural features into your landscape’s personality. Boulder walls have gained popularity in landscape tactics in the past few years due to their ease of construction and value within the investment.


A transition that helps you get to your destination

Steps offer a transition in your landscape from one feature to the next. Steps are constructed using the proper base materials or footings, similar to a wall application. Steps can be constructed using a variety of segmented wall block such as Belgard, E.P. Henry, or Techo-Bloc. They can also be constructed like a masonry application using cinder block and veneer stone. Steps are capped for tread, grip, and safety.

Steps have become a common feature within landscapes to transition out of a home or from one feature to another. Depending on the grade of your property stairs may be essential in helping you get to where you need to go. Our hardscape professionals have experience to make even the most difficult transitions work functionally for your space.

Steps are an item that many homes need to upgrade due to deterioration and breakdown. This is an important feature to have strong and sturdy for safety in your landscape and home. We always like to exceed all ICPI standards when installing steps. We would be happy to help you learn how hardscape steps can help your home’s value.

Our Commitment


Creating Your Landscape

Our team is dedicated to making sure that we get everything right. We want to make sure that we cover all the steps in completing the goals you have for your outdoor space. Creating your ultimate landscape is important!


Complete Satisfaction

Each project that we take on we want to make sure our customers are 110% satisfied. We take pride in our work and our longstanding commitment to excellence. We settle for nothing short of perfection.


Follow Up Priority

With each job that we complete we want to make sure our clients are keeping their outdoor space in tip top shape. This maintenance is ongoing, and we’re always happy to provide you with tips or complete the work needed.

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Landscape Maintenance Services



Pruning and trimming your surrounding landscape is essential to keeping your landscape looking clean, fresh, modern, and updated. Landscape maintenance is important to sustaining the longevity of your new landscape and having all your plants continuing to impress.

  • Evergreens
  • Arborvitaes
  • Shade & Ornamental Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Foundation Plants

Spring & Fall Cleanup


Spring and fall cleanup is an important part of keeping your landscape looking pristine year-round. Our team specializes in fresh mulch delivery & installation, seasonal leaf cleanup, pruning & trimming, and making sure you are sustaining your gorgeous landscape.

  • Mulch delivery & installation
  • Pruning & Trimming
  • Basic Cleanup & Debris Removal
  • Weed Control
  • Fertilizer Applications

Annual Planting


Annual planting is the spark that can truly make your landscape impress each year. These are the small but outstanding accents and flowers that can make your landscape truly “pop” for the ultimate curb appeal. We always enjoy making your landscape look even better!

  • Petunias & Pansies
  • Impatiens
  • Flowering Vinca
  • Mums
  • Cabbage & Kale


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“Holly Days is a beautiful place to buy high quality trees, shrubs and garden supplies. If you are simply looking for ideas or need a comprehensive plan for you landscaping, you have found the right place. The owner and his staff are the best around!”


Peter B.

Warrington, PA

It has been one year since they did a landscape job for me and I am still getting great service! Thank you for consistently helping me with my landscape and keeping my yard looking great. I couldn’t be more happy with this devoted service!


Bud H.

Maple Glen, PA

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