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Outdoor Structures

One area of landscaping that has gained recent popularity is adding an outdoor structure to your existing landscape. This usually adds a great deal of functionality to your outdoor space and makes entertainment much easier. You can also spend more time enjoying your outdoor space.

Comfortable & functional

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Traditional landscape style

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A perfect new style

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Staying covered & shaded
Roof Structures

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An ultimate outdoor structure to improve your home’s entertainment space

Pavilions are an elegant and functional option for prociding initmate space, weather protection, shade, and creating a space to gather friends, family, and guests. Our pavilions are crafted with the greatest quality, offer various wood stains and PVC vinylk wrap finishes as well as various asphault, shingle, or metal roof finishes. Pavilions are available in a traditional hip roof model or an A-Frame Alpine roof.

Pavilions have become a wonderful decorative building within a landscape. There multi-use funtionality has become a popular draw for many individuals who enjoy hosting events, entertaining, or just enjoy being in their outdoor space. The solid roof allows for top coverage from natural elements and this is an aspect that many customers love to see within their outdoor space. The structure also gives you the opportunity to build a fireplace or outdoor kitchen into this outdoor element that is dettached from your home.

The improved functionality with a pavilion allows for a much broader range of use in your outdoor space. When upgrading your landscape the ability to enjoy the views and aesthetics has become important to many of our customers when it comes to enjoying time outdoors. A popular addition to many pavilions has become a fireplace. This is design element is featured in some of the portfolio photos. Our customers have found that this ergonomic use of space is both functional and efficient for hosting.


A  traditional landscaping element that inspires

Gazebos offer a rustic and traditional element for your landscape design. Gazebos are often wood constructed and can be built using a variety of stains and finishes. We can custom design the size and features of your Gazebo to fit your landscape.

Gazebos are a huge draw for an outdoor landscape feature. A gazebo is defined as a roofed structure that offers an open view of the surrounding area, typically used for relaxation, entertainment, or being placed within a landscape. Gazebos are similar to pavilions, but they’re not quite as versatile. Due to their limited functionality and more confined space, many clients choose to go with a pavilion.

That is not to say that a Gazebo cannot be an absolutely stunning feature within your landscape. If you are in search of a more initimate and private area for relaxation, a gazebo can be perfect for you. Many of our outdoor structure choices depend on what the buyer is looking to accomplish The traditional satisfaction of going with a gazebo in your outdoor environment will always display an aspect of beauty, sophistication, and enjoyment.


A transition that allows you to enjoy the outdoors with at least some cover

Pergolas are an artistic form of building within the environment. Pergolas offer an open air and cost-effective solution to creating shade. Our pergolas can be wood or vinyl-wrap constructed with the ability to install sunshades on the sides and top of the structure.

Pergolas are a versatile outdoor specialty element that has become much more popular in recent years. The added functionality of these structures is a huge draw. Pergolas offer you coverage if needed, a location for hanging baskets and decorations galore, and  allow you to enjoy a more open air when necessary.

Pergolas have become an extremely popular element to incorporate into an improving landscape or hardscape because of how well they fit the environment. When creating the perfect pergola space, there are a variety of factors our team likes to understand. Our design & build team is always sure to go through all necessary planning and implementation steps to help you get to your ultimate landscaping goals.

Attached Roof Structures

An extension that makes a big difference

Attached roof structures are an increasingly popular choices for adding weather protection, shade, and value to your home. Holly Days builder’s can craft a custom structure to fit into your home as if it were always there. Our structures are constructed using the hightest quality materials and construction techniques to integrate the strcutre into your outdoor environment.

Attached roof structures are a detailed and extensive scope of work for your outdoor living space. They offer various beneficial functions while being custom and crafted to specifically fit your home. Our structures can be wood finished, PVC vinyl, or composite wrapped. Custom roofing materials are included to create the detail your new structure needs.


Our design and build team likes to incorporate this feature into landscapes that fir the personality. It is a feature that makes an immediate impact, draws attention, and creates a sense of place and comfort.


Our Commitment


Creating Your Landscape

Our team is dedicated to making sure that we get everything right. We want to make sure that we cover all the steps in completing the goals you have for your outdoor space. Creating your ultimate landscape is important!


Complete Satisfaction

Each project that we take on we want to make sure our customers are 110% satisfied. We take pride in our work and our longstanding commitment to excellence. We settle for nothing short of perfection.


Follow Up Priority

With each job that we complete we want to make sure our clients are keeping their outdoor space in tip top shape. This maintenance is ongoing, and we’re always happy to provide you with tips or complete the work needed.

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Landscape Maintenance Services



Pruning and trimming your surrounding landscape is essential to keeping your landscape looking clean, fresh, modern, and updated. Landscape maintenance is important to sustaining the longevity of your new landscape and having all your plants continuing to impress.

  • Evergreens
  • Arborvitaes
  • Shade & Ornamental Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Foundation Plants

Spring & Fall Cleanup


Spring and fall cleanup is an important part of keeping your landscape looking pristine year-round. Our team specializes in fresh mulch delivery & installation, seasonal leaf cleanup, pruning & trimming, and making sure you are sustaining your gorgeous landscape.

  • Mulch delivery & installation
  • Pruning & Trimming
  • Basic Cleanup & Debris Removal
  • Weed Control
  • Fertilizer Applications

Annual Planting


Annual planting is the spark that can truly make your landscape impress each year. These are the small but outstanding accents and flowers that can make your landscape truly “pop” for the ultimate curb appeal. We always enjoy making your landscape look even better!

  • Petunias & Pansies
  • Impatiens
  • Flowering Vinca
  • Mums
  • Cabbage & Kale


What Customers Are Saying

“Holly Days is a beautiful place to buy high quality trees, shrubs and garden supplies. If you are simply looking for ideas or need a comprehensive plan for you landscaping, you have found the right place. The owner and his staff are the best around!”


Peter B.

Warrington, PA

It has been one year since they did a landscape job for me and I am still getting great service! Thank you for consistently helping me with my landscape and keeping my yard looking great. I couldn’t be more happy with this devoted service!


Bud H.

Maple Glen, PA

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