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March is upon us – are you ready for spring?

Old Man Winter has all but packed his bags and waved goodbye. “Good riddance, dude!” I know, a late snow is possible as he turns tail and runs, but I’m done. I’m ready for spring. Aren’t you?

Holly Days Nursery & Landscaping is ready to give your gardens a much needed sprucing up.

Are you looking outside your home office window and thinking, “My back hurts just looking at all the work that needs to be done?” Our spring clean-up service includes clearing your beds of debris born on winter’s winds – sticks, leaves, and trash clinging to the lower branches of your shrubs. Our skilled crews will properly cutback perennials, trim your shrubs and low-lying tree branches, and haul it all away! We’ll fertilize your plants, edge the beds and individually planted trees, and dress it all up with a fresh application of mulch. Contact us today and let Team Holly Days do all the hard work.

Need more than a spring clean-up?

Holly Days also offers landscape, hardscape, design and build services, pool and patio landscape installations, grading and lawn establishment, pond and fountain installation, and much more. Folks, we likely have another year of limited social contact. Another twelve months of working out of our home offices. Hopefully, not as many months of the kids attending school virtually. Why not make an outdoor home improvement a top priority? Doesn’t an increase in elbow room seem just the ticket after Old Man Winter’s visit? We offer free estimates and 25 years of customer satisfaction. We are always happy to help you create an outdoor environment you, your loved ones, friends, family, and guests will enjoy!